Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Voice (Ghostwriting Part Three)

Two weeks ago we began unpacking the idea of ghostwriting. Be sure to check out the first two posts: Moral and Famous.

One thing I have failed to mention is that I am a ghostwriter. Not just for the Lord. And not for my freelance coworker who's going to make me famous. (I resigned from that job when he said something snarky about Northerners).

As a ghostwriter, I have spent a significant amount of time with my authors trying to identify their voice. I listen to the way she speaks, the way he tells stories, and her patterns of speech. I have to replicate it.

It's a challenging (fun-challenging) job where I set myself aside and speak as someone else. When I write "I," I don't mean "Katie." When I say "we," I may or may not be part of that crowd. My favorite words disappear, and his quips appear.

It takes a lot of practice to sound like someone who isn't Katie. (Then it takes practice to sound like Katie again). It's the process of finding the author's tone or her voice to accurately represent her.

If we are all ghostwriters in that we are all to be invisible and God visible, then we too need to practice finding His voice.

The more time my author and I spend talking, the easier it is for me to pick up on his patterns of speech, word choice, and idiosyncrasies (we all have them).

The more time I spend with the Lord, the easier it is to pick up on His voice as well. Is what I think God is saying consistent with His word? When I open my mouth, am I speaking the voice of the Encourager, Comforter or am I speaking as sinner Katie?

Just like I don't always get voice right in my writing, I certainly don't always get it right in my life.

I tear down instead of building up. I cling to fear rather than trust. I hesitate rather than stepping in obedience.

But I haven't given up. I'm going to keep trying. The end prize will be worth it. Nothing will be for my glory but rather the One who deserves the glory. The God who put up with my blundering, who was willing to work through my failures, who took a chance in me.

<>< Katie

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