Thursday, January 7, 2010

Captivating in Mexico?

I won't update my blog again tonight... I don't think.

A lot of people confuse my sister Laura and me. For some reason they don't understand we're twenty-seven months apart and not identical twins. I've blog-complained about this before. However, it was taken to a whole new level tonight.

She burst into my room to tease me for reading so many books over break.
"Have you ever read Captivating?" She asked me.
"Yes, in Mexico."
"Which Mexico trip?"
"I've only been to Mexico once," I told her. Duh!
"Nooooo.... I read Captivating in Mexico."


I think I was so stunned by her book recommendation (normally I'm the one saying, "You have to read this book!") that I was confused. In my own defense, I must have read Captivating in the Bahamas. Or maybe not. Now that I'm looking for my own copy of Captivating, I can't find it. I know I read that book! And I'm pretty sure it was pool-side.

This is almost as great as the time I called my friend Laura on the phone.
"Hi, Katie," she answered. This threw me off.
"Hi, Katie; it's Laura," I responded.

After umpteen years of being confused with my not-twin twin sister now I'm confused... apparently.

My name is Katie. My name is Katie. My name is Katie. My name is Katie.

And I need to go to Mexico and read Captivating to straighten out this mess.

<>< Katie

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Anonymous said...

Hehe. That's funny. You can come to Mexico w/ CUW in March! Perhaps I'll ready Captivating for you. :)