Thursday, January 14, 2010

Little Moments Matter

After I got out of my three-hour class this afternoon, I noticed something unique on my walk back to my apartment. It was the dog that caught my attention but the kid that kept it. A golden retriever, a mom, and a young son were playing in the grass. It was wonderful to watch them from a distance. Honestly, I could not figure out who was having the most fun.

Between classes today, I ran in to town with some friends. Andy told a story I hadn't heard before and it touched my heart.

A few weeks ago he was in a store and he noticed a little boy wearing a plastic hat and a fake police badge. The boy noticed Andy's EMS jacket and his jaw dropped. Andy knelt next to the boy and they compared badges. In their brief conversation Andy explained he doesn't drive a police car but rather an ambulance. A little while later Andy saw the boy again, hat in hand instead of on his head.
"Mom," he said, "I'm not going to be a police officer. I'm going to be a paramedic!"

To Andy, it was a sacrifice of two minutes. To this little boy, it was the world.

Take the time to notice, talk to, or play with a child sometime soon. To you it's not a lot of time lost, to them it's an infinite amount of time gained.

<>< Katie

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April Shelton said...

Ahh gentle Andy. This made my day, just FYI