Sunday, January 17, 2010


Hey, guys, thank you for all of the new comments, your support, and feedback. I was beginning to wonder if I had any readers, but according to my calculations this my 200th post and I have about ten readers. That's not too bad, is it? My ten readers are a fun mix of people (except for the few of you who are anonymous because I don't know who you are), which is exciting. Thanks for reading!

When I complete something, I'm pretty proud of it. Be it a paper, a blog, the newsletter, my scrapbook, anything. When I manage to complete a project, I love running my hands over it, rereading lines I've written, and enjoying the finished product. I love being able to talk about my projects in a non-braggadocios way. I am an artist, and I'm proud of my creation.

Likewise, God is an artist. You are His creation. He is proud of you. He wants to show you off, run His fingers through your hair, and enjoy just being with you. The only difference is: His work is perfect and He's allowed to brag about you.

You make your Heavenly Daddy proud,
<>< Katie

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Anonymous said...

It's not my fault I'm anonymous! I keep forgetting my username and password.