Friday, January 1, 2010

Christina and the Country Club

Birthday blog time!

While I was growing up, my dad had a membership to a country club near his office. Very rarely did we take advantage of the pool or tennis courts, but we ate a lot of meals in the restaurant. We'd have special daddy-daughter dates and go to the country club. Due to its close proximity to his office, he ate lunch there enough to to know the wait staff. When my sisters or I were with him, he always took great pride in introducing us to all of his friends.

One day when Christina was probably five or six it was her turn to go out to lunch with Dad, so he took her to the country club. She read through the menu and couldn't find anything she wanted. This was new for Dad because I always order a BLT and Laura has a regular dish, too. Well, Dad offered suggestions and nothing seemed appetizing for Christina. When the waitress came out to take their order Christina looked up at her with a serious face and asked, "Can I have French Toast?"

It's hard to embarrass my dad, but Christina's really good at it. On this particular day, she ate French Toast at the country club and was invited back into the kitchen to give her complements to the chef.

Happy birthday to the girl who ordered and ate French Toast at the country club.
Happy birthday to the girl who got in Mark Schultz's the Meet & Greet line five times until he remembered her.
Happy birthday to the girl who wanted to be a doctor until she discovered it involved science and then decided she wanted to be a marine biologist.
Happy birthday to the girl who made Mom fall flat on her face because Christina was on a leash and ran full-speed across Sea World to see the sharks.
Happy birthday to the girl who two different colored eyes.
Happy birthday to the girl who thought I mowed the grass last week (in the snow).
Happy birthday to the girl who's favorite hobby is driving me nuts.
Happy birthday, Teeny Tiny Girl.

<>< Katie

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