Monday, January 11, 2010

That's Weird

I wasn't going to update my blog today, but my friend Kevin (who says I already update my blog too) much forced me to do it. To make Nikki happy, it's a short blog. Gosh, I'm such a people-pleaser.

Everyone things I spend my entire break on blogger, and they aren't too far off...

In blogger, your choices for gender are:

When I first created my blog, I wanted to be more anonymous, so I opted for an "unspecified" gender. Even though I don't use place names, I have grown more content in revealing pieces about myself. I went to change my gender to "Female" and noticed I'd messed up. Instead of hitting "Unspecified" I had been blogging as a "Male."

When I was talking to my friend Kevin about why I updated my profile, I said, "Yeah, I'm not a man anymore."


Five minutes later we saw a cult of four matching white trucks changing the reflectors in the road. Weird.

At the same time we said, "That's weird."

That's weird.

<>< Katie

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Anonymous said...

Haha. You're weird. (And your closed parentheses was too) early. :)